Research work

Publications as an Area Science Park (Trieste) research fellow:

Awards and honours

Master thesis on Circular Economy award 2018, Cogeme Foundation (Brescia, Italy)

Conferences and lectures
  • Centre for Research on Circular economy, Innovation and SMEs (CERCIS) annual workshop, Ferrara, December 2021. Paper "Is Extended Producer Responsibility living up to expectations? A systematic literature review with a focus on electronic waste"
  • 7th Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists annual conference, February 2019, Udine. Presentation "Natural resources and economic growth - The Circular Economy contribution"
  • "Best practices on industrial symbiosis in Italy and the contribution of regional policies" Symbiosis Users Network Conference, Rimini 7th Nov. 2019
  • FeltrinelliCamp 2020 - Transformative economies: from circular economy to Green New Deal, Milan, September 2020.