2005 - Medical Doctor cum laude (Sapienza University, Rome)

2012 - Board certified cum laude - Neurophysiology (Sapienza University, Rome)

2016 - PhD in Clinical/Experimental Neuroscience and Psychiatry (Sapienza University, Rome)

2015 - International Diploma of Mountain Medicine UIAA/ICAR/ISMM (University, Padua)

Academic career and teaching activities

2005 - 2012 - Physician and clinical research at the Institute of Neurology/Neurophysiology (Sapienza University, Rome)

2011 - 2012 - Honorary Clinical Assistant and clinical researcher at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology (UCL, London)

2012 - 2015 - PhD student at the Institute of Neurology (Sapienza University, Rome)

2013 - 2016 - Visiting Researcher at center of Biomedicine (Eurac Research, Bolzano)

2019 - ongoing - RTD-B at at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (University of Trento)

Research interests

Parkinson's disease and movement disorders

Hypobaric hypoxia effects on cognitive performance in healthy subjects and patients with neurological disorders

Research work

Genetics of levodopa induced dyskinesia in patients with Parkinson's disease

Feezing of gait in patients with Parkinson's disease

Hypobaric hypoxia effects on cognitive performance of healthy subjects and patients with neurological disorders

Memberships in societies and scientific committees

LIMPE/DISMOV (Accademia Italiana per lo studio della Malattia di Parkinson e disordini del movimento)

International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS)

ISO (Italian Stroke Organization)

SIMeM (Società Italiana Medicina di Montagna)

ISMM (International Society for Mountain Medicine)

Other work

Neurologist at CeRiN (Center for Neurocognitive Rehabilitation) and at MRI neuroimaging LAB (LNiF) CiMeC (Center for Mind/Brain Sciences)