is the supplementary motor area the gateway to of value-based decisions to the motor system?
Triennale, Magistrale and Master Students in Cognitive Sciences, Medicine students 
Monday 07 February 2022

In this project we explore the role of the medial premotor cortex in generating actions that are the result of internal decision processes aimed at optimizing the rewards deriving from the action itself. The project makes use of anatomical (magnetic resonance) and neurostimulation (magnetic stimulation) data

A study of the functions of the Frontal Aslant Tract (FAT) by means of tractography-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).
Triennale, Magistrale and Master Students in Cognitive Sciences (2022)
Tuesday 21 December 2021

The Frontal Aslant Tract (FAT) is a recently described system of white matter that connects the medial regions of the frontal lobes to the ventrolateral regions of the frontal lobes. The functional coupling between medial and ventrolateral premotor and prefrontal cortices is still obscure. The present study aims at filling this gap by testing the effects of TMS over cortical FAT terminations, on motor and executive behavior