High School Diploma at Liceo Classico Scipione Maffei of Verona (1974)
Graduate in Civil Engineering at Polytechnic of Milan (1980)

Academic career and teaching activities

1994- ... Full Professor - University of Trento
1987-1994 Associate Professor - University of Trento
1983-1987 Assistant professor - Politecnico di Milano

"Topografia - Land Survey"  for civil engineering curriculum. 
In the past: "Geomatematica" in the doctoral school of Polytechnic of Milan in 2000-2008.


Research interests

Geodesy and related fields


Research work

General models and numerical techniques for positioning. Gravity field modeling. Digital image segmentation. Signal segmentation. Geodetic methods in mechanical metrology. 
Geodetic application of some mathematical methods: robust estimation, collocation, multiresolution analysis, variational problems with free discontinuities.


Memberships in societies and scientific committees

IAG fellow since July 1999.

Other work

Reviewer of articles for some scientific publications including: Rendiconti Lincei, Journal of Geodesy (Springer),  Journal of Applied Geodesy (DeGruyter), IAG symposia proceedings (Springer),   Applied Geomatic (Springer), Annals of Geophysics (INGV), ISPRS Journal of photogrammetry and remote sensing (Elsevier), Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica (Springer), Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica e Applicata (OGS, Trieste), Mechanism and Machine Theory (Elsevier)


Chair of IAG  SSG 4.169 "Wavelets in Geodesy" in the period 1995-1999.
Member of IAG SSG  3.113 "Spectral Gravity Field Modeling Methods" in the period 1987-1991.
Member of IAG SSG  3.113 "The Role of the Terrain in Gravity Field Modeling " in the period 1991-1995.


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