Academic career and teaching activities


Current academic positions

  • Since October 2018 Full Professor in Economic Policy (SECS / P02, area 13/A2) in the Department of Public and Supranational Law  at the University of Milan.
  • Since September 2017, member of the Board of the "Forum on Inequality and Diversity", based in Rome and promoted by Fondazione Basso. The forum brings together scholars of various universities, major third sector associations and active citizens involved in the promotion of policies against inequalities.
  • Since July 2016, president of the Italian Society of Law and Economics (SIDE -ISLE), and member of the Council of Scientific Societies (Area 13).
  • Since November 2004, director of the Inter-University Center EconomEtica at the Milano-Bicocca University, which brings together 25 universities engaged on issues of economic ethics and corporate social responsibility.
  • Member of the board of the Italian Society for Law & Economics (SIDE-ISLE); member of the International society for new-institutional economics (SIOE), the International economic association (IEA) and European Business Ethics network (EBEN). 
  • Member of the IRIS network management board (Association of social enterprise research institutes) and of the Scientific Committee of the GBS (Group for the Social Report).

Previous positions:

  • Until September 2018, Full Professor of Economic Policy (SECS P / 02, 13 / A2 area), at the University of Trento. Department of Economics and Management. Positions also held at Trento University:
  • Unicredit Chair for Economic Ethics and Corporate Social Responisbility;
  • Coordinator of Eion (Reserach group on the economics of institutions, organizations and social and ethical norms);
  • Member of the board of the doctoral program in Economics and Management.
  • March 2005, Appointed as Full Professor of Economic Policy at the Department of Economics, University of Trento,
  • May 2001 appointed as Associate Professor, of Economic Policy at, at the University of Trento, Department  of economics.
  • Adjunct professor with teaching responsibilities at the following universities: University of Trento (1999-2001), IUSS of Pavia (2013-14), LIUC Cattaneo University of Castellanza - Faculty of Economics and Faculty of law (1996-2000), Bocconi University of Milan - Institutes of quantitative methods and Institute of public economics (1990-1998), University of Piemonte Orientale, Faculty of philosophy (AA 1995-1996, 1999-2000) University of Pavia, Faculty of political science (1986-1990)
  • Between 2008 and 2011, Italian representative on the advisory board of experts of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) for the drafting of the "Charter for an Europe of Shared Social Responsibility" later approved in 2014 by the Council of Europe. 
  • From 1997 to 2004, director of the CELE Center for Ethics, Law and Economics at the University Cattaneo LIUC.
  • Between 1992 and 1996 he directed the Centro per l’etica degli affari, delle le professioni e delle politica (Katallattein) at the newly established University Vita-Salute San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan.
  • From 1993 to 1996,  member of the Executive Committee of EBEN (European business ethics network), at the time chaired by its founder Henk van Lujik.
  • 1988, founder and president of the Italian Network of Business Ethics, member of EBEN.
  • 1987, Visting Scholar at the Department of Mathematics and Suntory Toyota Center for Theoretical Economics (London School of Economics - LSE), London, working on game theory with Ken Binmore.
  • From 1985 to 1992, regional advisor on Master courses in Administration Science at the Institute of Education for Public Administration (IREF) of the Lombardy Region.
  • From 1985 to 1991, coordinator of the business ethics section of the Permanent seminar in philosophy, politics and economics theory of Politeia, Center for Research and Training in ethics and politics, Milan.
  • From 1983 to 1991, member of the national research group on game theory and its applications, then Interuniversity Center for Game Theory and Applications at the University of Florence and Genoa. He attended the annual seminar of politic philosophy organized jointly by the Feltrinelli Foundation, Farneti Center in Torino and Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa.
  • From 1982 to 1985, director of ICOS (Institute for Scientific Communication) in Milan, an interdisciplinary association for communications between science and public administration.
  • He graduated in philosophy at the University of Pisa (1983-84) with a thesis on the general theory of rational behavior of J.C. Harsanyi (110 cum laude).

Other relevant professional activities

  • In 1997 he was a consultant for the Department of Civil Service of the Italian Government, in order to review the code of conduct of civil servants. 
  • Between 1998 and 2001 he was a member of the drafting group of the GBS standard and later was among its founders.
  • He has been a member of the committee of experts of the Italian Foundation Accenture, the Confindustria Cultural Commission, the Committee of CertyQuality Certification, the Ethics Committee of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Telethon Ethical Investment Fund.
  • He was a member of the international committee of experts that drafted the "Charter for a Europe of Shared social responsibility" of the Council of Europe.
  • During the past 30 years he supported and consulted with some of the major companies and associations for the development and implementation of their ethical codes of conduct, including GlaxoWellcome, ENEL, National League of Cooperatives and Mutual Societies, Confindustria, Fendac, AIDDA (association of Italian entrepreneurs ), Sogin, North East Coop, Banca Etica, Hay Group, UBI Banca, Assoconsult (Association of Italian consulting firm), BIP, and more recently the Sodalitas Foundation. He has also provided assistance for the development of the Charter of Donations, based on which operates the Italian Institute for the donation IID (founded by Sodalitas, the 3rd Sector Forum, Telethon).


teaching (undergraduate and postgraduate LEVEL)

Courses taught at the University of Milan

(2016-2017, 2017/2018) . Economic ethics and corporate social responsibility, LLM in Sustainable Development, Faculty of Law (on Contract) .

Courses taught at the University of Trento (undergraduate and Ph.D).

Economics of institutions (2001-2016): English course for the joint Ph.D. Program in Law & Economics between the University of Trento and the University of Siena, for the Ph.D. program in Economics and Management at the University of Trento, and the DELOS doctoral program of the University of Trento and Florence

Institutional economics, LM in English - Master's degree in economics (2010-2017)

Ethics and Economics; LM in English - Master's degree in economics (2010- 2017)

Enterprise Economics and Social Responsibility, LM Management (2014-2017)

Stakeholder theory and corporate social responsibility, LM Management (2010-2014)

Ethics of Economics and Finance, LM Finance (2003-2017)

Theory of  enterprise and organizational economics, LS DEIRS – Economic Decisions, Enterprise and Social Responsibility (2003-2010)

Economics Ethics and Social Responsibility -  LS DEIRS (2003-2010) and LS in Management (2003-2010)

Choices and collective institutions LS DEIRS, (2003-2010)

Economics of contracts and decisions, SES Degree - Economic and Social Sciences (2003-07)

Economics of Institutions, Degree in Economics (2000-2007), Degree in Economics and Social Sciences (2003-2007), Graduate Law and Economics (2003-2007)

Industrial Economics Degree in Economics, (2001- 2005)


Teachings in other universities at  undergraduate and postgraduate  level

 (2013-14) Game Theory, IUSS in Pavia .

(1996-2001) at the Cattaneo University of  Castellanza (LIUC):

"Economic Ethics and Business Ethics" (Bachelor in Economics)

          "Public economics " (Degree in Law).

(1996-2004) for the Master programs (postgraduate) at the Cattaneo University of Castellanza (LIUC): economic methodology, theory of collective choice, theory of the firm, ethics and rational decision-making, business ethics.

(1995/96, 1999/2000) Introduction to rational choice theory, University of Eastern Piedmont, Vercelli Faculty of Philosophy,

 (1990/1999) at the Bocconi University in Milan:

History and Methodology of Science, for programs CLEP and DES;

Public Finance Law (advanced): public choice economics, for programs DES and CLEP

(1987/1990) Methodology and philosophy of tsocial sciences: game theory for political and social sciences at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Pavia.


From 2003 to 2010, responsible for coordinating the two-year Master of Science in economic decisions, enterprise and corporate social responsibility (DEIRS).

From 2001 to 2010, responsible for the joint Ph.D. Program in Law and Economics, between the University of Trento and the University of Siena.

Member of the Board of Regents at the University of Trento for Delos – Economics of development and local development (in collaboration with UniFI) and Ph.D. in Economics and Management.

From 2002 to 2012, director of the International Summer Schools for Law and Economics, University of Trento for international Ph.D. students and young researchers.

From 1996 to 2004, director at the University of Castellanza Catteneo of the following Master's programs (postgraduate): "Decision theory and management of complex organizations", "economic decisions, social responsibility and business ethics certification" "effectiveness, efficiency and transparency for the collection of non-profits funds" (in collaboration with the national associations of the 3rd sector).


Activities as graduate and PH.D. SUPERVISOR

Since 2000 he has been a supervisor for over 40 research thesis for either specialist or master's degrees at the University of Trento.

In the same period he was a supervisor or external evaluator for more than 20 doctoral dissertations at the Ph.D. programs in economics / management / Law & Economics of various University: School of Social Sciences at the University of Trento, University of Virginia - Darden School of Business, Simon Fraser University (British Columbia), Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa, Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, IUSS of Pavia, University of Siena, University of Pavia, University of Pisa.

In 2017 he chaired the jury for the GBS degree prize awarded to the two best master's thesis on social reporting.


University assignements 

From 2011 to present, Member of the Committee for Scientific Research of the Department of Economics and Management.

2011-2013, member of the committee appointed by the University Board of Directors to develop the Code of Ethics of the University of Trento.

Since 2004, representative for the University of Trento on the board of Inter-University Center EconomEtica, based at the University of Milan Bicocca.

2003 - 2015 Representative for the University of Trento on the board of the inter-university center TRANSCRIME, based at the Catholic University of Milan.

2003 - 2010, Member of the Commission for Education for the Faculty of Economics of the University of Trento.

2003- 2004 Member of the committee established by the University of Trento Board of Directors to prepare proposals for the governance of the University Statute Revision.

2001- 2003 Representative of the University of Trento on the board of ISSAN, Institute for studies of non-profit firms, Trento.



Evaluator of scientific publications for VQR 2011-2014.

Since 2009, member of the selection committees for the selection of associate professor and researcher positions in sector SECS P02 for the University of Trento, Lecce, Milan Bicocca, Naples, LUMSA, Parma, Siena, Eastern Piedmont, and in 2017 member of the national commission for the evaluation of calls on ASN 2012 and 2013 in sector SECS P / 02.

Multi-annual experience as evaluator of research projects PRIN MIUR (Italian Department of University and Research).

Current referee for: Journal of Business Ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, Industrial and Corporate Change, Rationality and Society, Theory and Decision, European Journal of Law & Economics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, International Review of Economics, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Constitutional Political Economy, Journal of Institutional Economics and Economic Studies necklace Ethics and Philosophy publisher Springer.



Since 2011, coordinator of Eion research group on economy of institutions, organizations and ethical and social standards of the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Trento, which coordinates the research activities of three full professors, two associate professors, a researcher and various post-docs and PhD students.

Since 2005, head of Unicredit chair in ethics of economics and corporate social responsibility, which are associated with the research laboratory of ethical choice and responsibility (LASER) and the observatory on corporate social responsibility (ORSI), a set of activities based on a multi-year agreement (seven years) between Unicredit and the University of Trento. Thanks to this agreement three positions (professor, associate professor and researcher) were co-financed by Unicredit.

Since 2004, Director of the Interuniversity Center EconomEtica for economic ethics and social responsibility, which brings together 25 Italian universities (sponsored by the Italian Accenture Foundation and the San Paolo Company of Turin). The Center has a scientific committee of more than 40 professors from the participating universities, and has a research facility within the Milan Bicocca University. It also brings together six postdoctoral researchers with multi-year research grants. EconomEtica has supported the creation of several research groups adhering to PRIN and European projects. 

From 1996 to 2004, director of CELE, Center for Law and Economics Ethics, at the University Cattaneo LIUC. The CELE has been the main Italian research center on issues of Corporate Social Responsibility and related forms of regulation and self-regulation. Within CELE, the Q-RES project for a European quality standard of socially responsible management of enterprises, has been developed in cooperation with companies, business associations, non-profit organizations and professionals. Various European research projects on government models and the management tools for CSR has stemmed from this initiative. The research facility of CELE has used an average of 6 young researchers. The scientific production of the CELE is documented by the LIUC papers series.

From 1992 to 1996, director of Katallatein, Center for Business Ethics, within the Scientific Institute San Raffaele in Milan.  Katallatein worked in cooperation with three researchers and a scientific committee composed of leading Italian scholars engaged on issues of ethics and economics, it has developed basic research on the relationship between ethics, rational choice and cognitive sciences as well as research on codes of ethics, and ethics in government and corruption. The center has moved to the LIUC when CELE was founded.

Research projects (since 1995) run as principal investigator 

2017 - 2020 Head of the  Trento Research unit for the Ministry of Education SIF-national research project on "The Financial Impact for a new generation of social entrepreneurship."

2017 -2019 scientific responsible for the "young researcher" project on the topic "FINANCE A SOCIAL IMPACT: A STUDY ON THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS, FORMS OF GOVERNANCE AND REASONS" selected on the basis of a competitive tender of CARITRO Foundation

2015-2017, head of the EconomEtica a research project on "Governance of Universities: theoretical models and empirical evidence - the Italian case" (team: Carla Facchini, Magalì Fia, Giacomo Degli Antoni ) in cooperation with the Department of Sociology of the 'University of Milan Bicocca

2007-2011, national coordinator MIUR PRIN project: "Corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a form of extended corporate governance: a fair balance and bargaining models; compliance and reputation, self-regulation and "adjustment with the Research Unit at the University of Trento, Siena, Bologna, Statale of Milan.

2007 -2008 head of the LASER Research Project (Department of Economics, University of Trento) funded by PAT "Capital CSR, sustainable local economic development."

 2007 -2009, head of the two-year LASER research  project "Forms of multi-stakeholder co-operative governance and self-regulation: the importance of the '' identity as a development factor and efficiency of the enterprise cooperative" funded by the Federation thirty cooperatives.

2002-2004, head of the three-year research program of the Department of Economics, University of Trento "Rationality, norms and alternative forms of economic organization" (enterprise area, organization and institutions) involving researchers from Department of Economics, post doc and doctoral fellows as well as members of other universities.  

2004, head of the European research project, "CSR standards for sustainable development: toward a common European Framework" (EU research project, DG employment and social affairs) carried out by the CELE       in collaboration with University of Constance and the Accountability Institute-London

2003-2004, head of CELE research project  "peculiar factors efficiency project, efficiency and credibility of the Governance and Accountability systems of social cooperatives", funded by the Cariplo Foundation.

2003 - 2004, responsible for the research project Europeo CELE in collaboration with the University of Konstanz and Accountability London: "Developing a Framework to integrated CSR Q-RES and other social and ethical standards" (EU project research, DG employment and social affairs).

2001-2003, head of the research project on "The assessment of the transaction costs of interbank society" aimed at the reorganization of their forms of governance, instructed by ABI. 

2000-2002, head of CELE research unit (in the PRIN project "comparative economic analysis of the institutions in the perspective of the theory of incomplete contracts" coordinator F. Silva LIUC) on "General principles and self-regulation as efficient complement of control rights residual in incomplete contracting contexts and bounded rationality ".

1999-2001, head of research unit LIUC - CELE (within COFIN "economic models draft regulations", P.Mori coordinator, Univ. Of Florence) on the theme "Regulation and self-regulation."

1998-2000, head of research unit LIUC - CELE (within the project COFIN "Bargaining incomplete and institutions", coordinator Ugo Pagano, Univ. Of Siena) on "Rationality, Organization and Norms".  

1997-1999, head of the research project on "review of the civil service code of conduct", commissioned by the Department of Public Administration of the Presidency of Council of Ministers    

1995-1997, head of the research project on "Comparative analysis at the international level on the PA ethical standards in the US and Europe, in applied ethics interdisciplinary perspective and the economy of the institutions", commissioned by the Lombardy Region

scientific director of conferences and workshops

2017, December 15-16, Rome, Lumsa, SIDE-ISLE XIII Annual Conference (head of the scientific committee).

2016, December 16 -17, Turin, Campus Luigi Einaudi, side- ISLE XII Annual Conference (head of the scientific committee).

2014, May 9, University of Milano-Bicocca, Piazza della Scienza 4, EconomEtica Conference "University Autonomy and social responsibility. Governance and Accountability: Models and Experiences ", with the participation of Italian University Rectors

2013 24-25 of May, Trento, Eion International Workshop on Social norms and Social Preferences, keynote speaker: Ken Binmore; papers: L.Sacconi, G. Negroni, Pontus Strimling, L.Andreozzi Sillari G., M. Rizzolli, C. Bicchieri, Pedro Francés Gomez, R. Ghidoni, M. Casari,

2013, April 8, Milan, Sala Napoleonic University of Studies Annual Conference EconomEtica, "Ethics, Economics and Law of the commons. Forms of democratic governance and Cooperative "; speakers: S.Veca, S.Zamagni, L.Pennacchi, PA Mori, L.Sacconi, M.Grillo, P.Ranci, C. Borzaga, F.Denozza, F.Silva, PL.Porta, M.Bordignon, E. Iossa , I. Musu.

2012, March 2, Amedeo Avogadro University of Eastern Piedmont, Workshop EconomEtica, "University Autonomy and social responsibility: governance and accountability in the reform process", keynote speaker: Scott Masten; speakers:A.Cassone, L.Sacconi, M. Bellandi, M. Regini A. Riccaboni, F.Favotto, R.Moscati, R. Tamborini, M.Frey, P. Ricci, R.Balduzzi, Stefano Fantoni.

2011, October 21-22, Milan, Milano Bicocca University, EconomEtica on workshop: "Socially Responsible Behavior, Social Capital and Firm Performance." Keynote speaker: Tore Ellingsen. 

2011, June 8-9, Milan, University Milano - Bicocca, International conference organized by Heirs and EconomEtica: "Market and Happiness: Do economic interactions crowd out civic virtues and human capabilities", Keynote speakers: Martha Nussbaum, Robert Sugden, Bruno Frey Irene Staveren.

2011, July 12, Roma, the Refectory Hall of the Library of the Chamber of Deputies, meeting organized by EconomEtica and Basso Foundation, "The Charter for a Europe of shared social responsibility. European perspectives for social cohesion "; speakers: C.Offe, G.Farrell, S.Rodotà, L. Sacconi, L. Pennacchi, E. Granaglia, G. Marramao, S. Zamagni,

 2011, 27 June - 2 July, Sardagna, Trento, International Summer School on "Inter-firm networks: a Law and Economics approach. The Governance of Inter-firm and Firm / Stakeholder Cooperation between Contracts, Organizations and Social Norms ", lecturers: O. Hart; A Grandori, S. Goyal; GG Triantis, F. Gomez, F. Cafaggi, L.Sacconi, 

2010, September 9-11, Trento, EBEN 23rd annual Conference, "Which Values ​​for Which Organizations". Key note speakers Thomas Donaldson and Lorenzo Sacconi.

2010, June 24-25, University of Milan, EconomEtica 6th annual Conference, "Corporate Governance after the Crisis: the Multi-Stakeholder Approach", keynote speaker: Lynn Stout.

2009 November 30, Milan Milan Bicocca University, 5th ANNUAL CONFERENCE EconomEtica, Teaching ethics in an age of crisis,

2009, 6 November, Milan, University of Milan, 5th CONFERENCE EconomEtica ANNUAL The deep economic and ethical roots of the global crisis: new perspectives for understanding the economy and reforming regulations and the firms' model governance.

20-25 July 2009, Arco (TN), International Summer School on "Advances in the behavioral and experimental approach to the Economics of Organizations, Firms and Contracts", lecturers: C. Jolls, Christian Zehnder, Luigi Marengo, Shaun Hargreaves Heap, Henry Smith.

 2008 June 3 to 4, Milan State University, 4th  Annual Conference EconomEtica: SUSTAINABILITY, ENVIRONMENT AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, Speakers: Geoffrey HealKristin Shrader-Frechette, Wolfgang Sachs, Fioravante Patrone, Leonardo Becchetti, Luigino Bruni, Erik Angner, Simon Dietz, Alessandro Vercelli.

2008, 23-24 September, Pergine Valsugana (TN), LASER International workshop "Perspectives on the theory of We-thinking". Speakers: Robert Sugden, Kaushik Basu, Raimo Tuomela, Nicholas Bardsley, Aljaz Ule, Margaret Gilbert, Michele Bernasconi, Conte Anna, Simon Gaechter, Chris Starmer

2008, September 25 to 28, Pergine Valsugana (Trento), International Summer School: "Why is not ethics in behavioral science?" Lecturers:  K.Binmore, E. Angner, M. Dufwenberg, T. Ellingsen, S. Hargreaves Heap.

2007, 24 - July 29, Trento, LASER International Workshop "Social Capital, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Economic Development", speakers: Masahiko Aoki, Larry Blume, Bruno Frey, Herbert Gintis, Robert Leonardi, Nan Lin, Raffaella Nanetti, Martin Paldam .

2006 11-12-13 July, Trento, IEA research workshop on "Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate governance, the contribution of economic theory and related disciplines". Contributors: Oliver Williamson, Masaiko Aoki, Bruno Frey, Viktor Vanberg, Margaret Blair, Herbert Gintis, Avner Ben Ner, Louis Putterman, Ed R.Freeman, Bruce Chapman, Tom Donaldson, Lynn Stout, Jonathan Allen Kaufman, Margit Osterloh, Edward B. Rock.

2005 Milan, July 14, First Annual Conference EconomEtica at Milano-Bicocca University, social responsibility and corporate governance. Speakers: Lynn Stout, Francesco Denozza, Ugo Pagano, Luciano GallinoVittorio Coda, Pedro Frances Gomez, Michael Grillo, Lorenzo Caselli, Fabrizio Cafaggi, Donata Gottardi, Lorenzo Bordogna, Pier Luigi Porta, Alessandro Vercelli, Leonardo Becchetti, Benedetto Gui, Elena groats, Antonio Chiesi, Maurizio Zollo, Raoul Nacamulli, Carlo Borzaga Stefano Zamagni.

2005 Trento, July 4 to 9, Trento, International Summer School "How evolutionary and behavioral game theory help in understanding the emergence and in optimally designing institutions, codes of behavior, contracts and organization?" Speakers: Ken Binmore, Jorgen Weibull, Herbert Gintis, Simon Gaetcher.

2004 Pergine Valsugana (Trento), 6 to 8 September, International Summer School on "Game theory, ethics and social norms," ​​speakers: S.Hargreaves Heap, J.Weibull, B.Skyrms, J.Broome, V. Rabinowitz, M. Kosfeld,

2003, March 11 to 12, Q-RES Congress "Ethic and Corporate Social Responsibility: Government of models and management systems to implement it", organized by CELE-Liuc, Milan, Palazzo delle Stelline.

2002 Pergine Valsugana (Trento), 1 to 6 July, International Summer School on "Models of Rationality in Law and Economics and in the Theory of Incomplete Contracts", speakers: Ken Binmore, Jeffrey Racklinsky, John Moore, Alan Schwartz

1997, Florence, 1 to 2 July and Castellanza, 3-4 October Workshop Cycle of Bounded Rationality and Economic Modeling (CELE with Inter-University Center of the Games Theory and Applications), speakers: J.Halpern, G.Bonanno, T.Williamson, G. Ruebens, H.Prade.

1991 May, Fiesole, Florence, International conference on game theory and applications, at the Institute Univ. Europeo (in collaboration with the Center inter-university-of game theory and applications), Keynote speakers: Binmore, Haurie, Kleimenov, Maskin, Moulin, Rubinstein. (Member of the organizing committee

1990, September, Milan at Bocconi University, 3rd Annual Conference on Business Ethics EBEN (Member of organizing committee), Keynote Speaker: David Gauthier.

1989 September, Barcelona, ​​IESE, 2nd Annual Conference on Business Ethics EBEN (member of the organizing committee).

June 1989, Castiglioncello (Member of the Scientific Committee and organizer) Conference "Knowledge, Belief and Strategic Interaction" at the University of Florence and the Florentine Institute of Philosophy of Science, (Keynote speakers: M.Bacharach, JCHarsanyi, K.Binmore, R.Jeffrey, I.Levi, E.McClennen).

1985 January, Milan, ICOS International Congress "The decision in the administration and in complex organizations: theories, models and experiences" (Keynote speakers: JCHarsanyi, P.Hammond, M.Crozier).


SELECTED PRESENTATIONS OF SCIENTIFIC WORKS (in conferences and workshops  along the last ten years)


2008, 20- 21 Giugno, Toronto, The International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE), 12th Annual Conference at the University of Toronto, Canada

paper presentation: “Conformity, Reciprocity and the Sense of Justice. How Social Contract-based Preferences and Beliefs   Explain Norm Compliance: the Experimental Evidence”.

2008, 11  Luglio, Centro Mediterráneo - Universidad de Granada,  Summer school RSE: la respuesta empresarial al reto de la sostenibilidad , Conferenza sul tema:  "CSR as extended model of corporate governance".

2008, 12 Luglio, Granada , Universidad de Granada, Departemento de Filosofía Moral y Política, 

 paper  presentation;  “CSR as Contractarian Model of Multi-Stakeholder Corporate Governance and the Game-Theory of its Implementation”.

2008, 15-17 Luglio, San Sebastian  , XI Summer School on Economics and Philosophy: Social Norms , Summer school organized by the University of the Basque Country
and the Urrutia Elejalde Foundation.
presentazione del paper: “Compliance by Believing: An Experimental Exploration on Social Norms and Impartial Agreements”.

2008, 24 September, Pergine Valsugana, LASER International Workshop  Perspectives on We thinking, paper presented: “Conformist Contractarianism Needs  We -Thinking: theory and experimental evidence”.

2008, 27  September , Pergine Valsugana, International Summer School on  Why isn’t ethics a behavioral science?, Lecture: “Conformist contractarianism:  a theory of norm compliance  and its experimental support”

2008, 17 Ottobre, Riva del Garda (TN)  ICA Research Conference 2008,  The Role of Co-operatives in Sustaining Development and Fostering Social Responsibility,   Keynote speech: “The Nature of Cooperatives and their Social Responsibility and  Accountability.”

2008, 24 Ottobre, Cosenza Università della Calabria , Conferenza euro mediterranea del terzo settore sulla responsabilità sociale nell’ambito di Rexpo;  Sessione responsabilità sociale e sviluppo locale.  Presentation paper: “A theoretical analysis of the relationship between social capital and corporate social responsibility

2008, 7- 8 Novembre, Bologna , Università degli studi, Conferenza annuale SIDE-ISLE



2008, 11 Novembre , Pisa, Dipartimento di scienze economiche dell’Università di Pisa, seminar: “CSR as Contractarian Model of Multi-Stakeholder Corporate Governance and the Game-Theory of its Implementation”.


2009, 11-13  June, Isola di San Servolo, Venezia. International conference: Happiness and Relational Goods, Paper  presentation: “A theoretical analysis of the relationship between social capital and corporate social responsibility”.

2009, 18-20  June, Berkeley,  USA, 13th Annual Conference of The International Society for New  Institutional Economics,  ISNIE at the University of California at Berkeley, paper presentation: “CSR AS CONTRACTARIAN MODEL OF MULTI-STAKEHOLDER CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND THE GAME-THEORY OF ITS IMPLEMENTATION”

2009, 1-4 Luglio University of Trento – Faculty of Law Via Rosmini 27 2nd EMES, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL ENTERPRISE

paper presentations

  • “Social enterprise and the creation of social capital: an experimental study”
  • “The role of social enterprises in generating networks of cooperative relations: a theoretical analysis of the relationship between social capital and governance multi-stakeholder”

2009, 20-25 July, Arco (TN), International Summer School on Advances in the behavioral and experimental approach to the economics of organizations, firms, contracts and the economic analysis of the law, presentation: “Social contract in organizations, reputation and the preference for conformity: theory and experiments”.

2009, 17 – 18 Settembre 2009,  Bressanone/Brixen, XV Seminario di Studio, La Relazione con gli Stakeholder: tra Strategia e  Accountability , Università di Padova,  Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche “Marco Fanno”. lecture:  “The behavioral approach to CSR as multi-stakeholder corporate governance model”

2009, 6 Novembre, Milano, sala Napoleonica dell’Università degli Studi, , IV ECONOMETICA CONFEENCE, The deep economic and ethical roots of the global crisis: new perspectives for understanding the economy and reforming regulations and the firms' governance model , roundtable 4: “The Ethical Roots of the Economic Crisis: Perspective from the Integrative Social Contracts Theory. A discussion with Tom Donaldson”.

2009, 3 – 4 December, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Moncalieri (Turin), IEL- International conference: Efficiency and the Judiciary:  Law and Economics Perspectives, paper presentation: “Principal-Agent models are unsuitable for the design of professional remunerations: the case against lawyers' contingent fees”.

2009, 4 – 5 December , Firenze, Università degli Studi di Firenze, 5th  SIDE-ISLE  ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Key note speaker nella panel discussion con Francesco Denozza “Corporation and responsibility “.


2010, 29 Juanary Alessandria, Università del Piemonte Orientale,  Convegno annuale SIEPI (Società italiana di economia e politica industriale). Keynote speaker: “A social contract view of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as  multi-stakeholder model  corporate governance"

2010, 11 febbraio ROMA,  ABI FORUM CSR 2010, Centro convegni Matteo Ricci,  Tavola rotonda  finale: "IL RUOLO DEI CRITERI NON FINANZIARI PER MIGLIORARE LA TRASPARENZA DEI MERCATI”,  relazione e conclusioni.

2010, 8 Marzo,  CIFREM University of  Trento,  invited lecture. “The social contract theory of CSR  as a multi-stakeholder model of corporate governance. Part I: normative justification and rational bargaining behind the veil of ignorance”

2010, 15 Marzo,  CIFREM University of  Trento,  invited lecture:  “The social contract theory of CSR as a multi-stakeholder model of corporate governance. Part II: the game theory of the model implementation: psychological equilibria, conformist preferences and equilibrium selection”-

2010, 27/28 April, University of Pennsylvania, Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research, The Wharton School, seminar  on "A Rawlsian view of CSR as a model of multi stakeholder corporate governance and the game theory of its implementation, part I, and part II"

2010, 24-25 June, Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano, 5th EconomEtica Annual Conference  Corporate Governance after the Crisis: the Multistakeholder Approach, (convegno di presentazione dei risultati del progetto di ricerca PRIN), introductory presentation at the round table ”governanece multi-stakeholder and worker participation”

  • paper presentation: ‘A Rawlsian view of CSR and the game theory of its implementation’

2010, 1 - 2 , July Bergamo, 3rd BERGAMO-WHARTON JOINT CONFERENCE, STAKEHOLDER THEORY(IES):ETHICAL BASES, MANAGERIAL APPLICATIONS, CONCEPTUAL LIMITS, University of Bergamo, Italy, (2 July) invited speaker at the final round table

2010, 9-11 September, Trento, 23rd EBEN annual Conference, Which Values for Which Organisations,

  • Keynote speaker “How business ethics may help in facing the economic crisis: the contractarian approach”
  • parallel session presentations  “Does a virtuous circle between social capital and CSR exist? A network of games model”; “A Rawlsian view of CSR and the game theory of its implementation: fairness and equilibrium”.

2010, 17th September Granada, Department of Philosophy, International workshop: Reason and Fairness: Foundations of Business Ethics and CSR, Keynote speaker: “A Rawlsian view of CSR and the game theory of its implementation”.

2010, 26 Novembre, Bologna, Faculty of Economics,  panel: “Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Value: a Law and Economics Perspective”,


2011, February, 28,  and March 1, Brussels, (EU commission and the Council of Europe), Conference “SHARED SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY,  Securing trust and sustainable social cohesion in a context of transition”.

  • presentation in the round table: “Addressing the challenges  to placing shared responsibility at the heart of the political agenda”

2011,  Giugno 7, Milano, Incontro pubblico con Martha Nussbaum sul tema "Creare le capacità, nella prospettiva della giustizia globale" presso Fondazione Corriere della Sera, Sala Buzzati. Intervento introduttivo.

2011,  June 8-9, Milano, International conference: Market and Happiness. Do economic interactions crowd out civic virtues and human capabilities? Università Milano-Bicocca, Imtroductory presentation of the conference theme.  

2011, June 16–18, Stanford University, USA,  15th Annual Conference of The International Society for New Institutional Economics. Paper presentation: “Modeling Cognitive Social Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) As Preconditions for Sustainable Networks of Relations”

2011 , June 27 – July 2,  Trento Sardagna, International Summer School on “Inter-firm networks: a Law and Economics approach”.  Paper presentations: “Introduction to Networks: a Law and Economics approach”;  “Codes of conduct, inter-firm cooperation and firm/stakeholder relations”.

2011, July 4-8, Beijing, China,  16th World Congress of International Economic Association IEA, hosted by the Tsinghua University, paper presentation

2011, Luglio, 12,  Roma,  Sala del Refettorio della Biblioteca della Camera dei Deputati, Convegno: La Carta per un’Europa di responsabilità sociale condivisa, Organizzato da Fondazione Basso e da EconomEtica,  col patrocinio del Consiglio d’Europa.

  • Relazione: “La sfida della SSR come modello di governance multi-stakeholder basato sul contratto sociale e la democrazia deliberativa”

2011, September 13, Milano, CROMA Think thank day on Democracy and Performance in Economic organization, Università Bocconi (organizer: Anna Grandori),

  • paper presentation: “A social  contract view of multi-stakeholder governance

2011, Ottobre 8-10, Università di Torino, Facoltà di economia, VII CONGRESSO MUNDIAL DE ADMINISTRAÇÃO E XII FÓRUM INTERNACIONAL DE ADMINISTRAÇÃO (Italo-Brasiliano) Relazione: Ética e Valores: Em busca de um Novo Modelo de Gestão

2011, October 21-22  Milano, Università Milano-Bicocca, EconomEtica workshop on Socially Responsible Behavior, Social Capital and Firm Performance (risultati progetto  PRIN)

paper presentations:

  • “Can virtuous institutions crowd out selfish preferences in a market, environment?
  • “Does a virtuous circle between social capital and CSR exist? A “network of games” model and some empirical evidence”

2011,  November 25- 26, Zurich, Workshop on Altruism & Morality, Experiments & Concepts, University of Zurich, Centre for Ethics,  paper  presentation: “Experimental Economics and the sense of justice”.


2012,  7-14 -17 maggio;  Pavia, COLLEGIO GHISLIERI- IUSS,  Ciclo di conferenze:  “A Rawlsian view of CSR and its game theoretical implementation”.

2012 ,  7th -9th,  June,  Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle, England, EBEN Research Conference ‘Accountability, transparency, sustainability’

paper presented: “Behavioral and Experimental economics as a Method for Normative Business Ethics”

2012,  June 20-22, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland ; The World Congress of Social Economics,  organized by the Association for Social  Economics, papers presented:  

  • “Behavioral Business Ethics as a Method for Normative Business Ethics”
  • “Relational networks, CSR and the sustainability of the cooperation between the firm and its stakeholders: An experimental study”.

2012,  June 14 – 16, 6th Annual Conference of The International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE). University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA, paper presentation:  “Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance”

2012, December 13 - 15, University of Rome 3, SIDE - ISLE 2012 - EIGHT ANNUAL CONFERENCE, paper presented: “Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance”


2013, 8 aprile, Sala Napoleonica, Università degli studi di Milano, 7a Conferenza  annuale di EconomEtica sul tema: Etica, economia e diritto dei beni comuni. Forme di governance democratica e cooperativa. Relazione: “Il governo cooperativo e multi-stakeholder dei beni comuni”

2013,  24-25 of May, Trento, EION international workshop on Social norms and Social Preferences,  paper presented: (con V. Cecchini Manara) , “The ethical meaning of social norms, and Binmore's social contract as an equilibrium selection device”.

2013, 21-22 June, Florence, Italy , 17th Annual Conference of The International Society for New Institutional Economics ISNIE, chair and discussant in the  session:  “The Firm as Democratic Institution”

2013,  12-14 September, Lille, EDHEC business school , EBEN Research conference,

Special Track: Contractarian Business Ethics: justification and compliance,  papers presented :

  • “Selection and implementation of a principle of justice with production.
    An experimental test of the Hypothetical Social Contract”

2013, December 12- 13, Lugano , Università della Svizzera italiana USI,  SIDE- ISLE 2013 - 9th Annual CONFERENCE, papers presented:

  • (con Magalì Fia): “The governance of universities, some guidelines in the perspective of social responsibility: a multi-stakeholder model of governance”
  • (con Virginia Cecchini Manara) “Abuse of Authority and Active Citizenship: an endogenous explanation”    


2014, 15 e 16 Maggio,  Pavia, IUSS e Fondazione Feltrinelli (laboratorio EXPO)  workshop sul tema PERSPECTIVES on Agency and Participation;  presentazione paper : “Shared social responsibilities”.

2014, 11- 14 September First WINIR Conference,  Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London Conference theme: Institutions that Change the World. Papers presented

  • (con V. Cecchini Manara), “Ex post stability of constitutions: an endogenous explanation”;
  • (con V.Cecchini Manara), “Institutions, frames and social contract reasoning”.

2014, 23-25 Ottobre, Trento, SIE, 55a Conferenza Annuale  della Società Italiana degli Economisti. Papers presented:

  • (con V. Cecchini Manara) “Institutions, Frames, and Social Contract Reasoning”
  • (con M. Fia,) “A Multi-stakeholder Approach to the Governance of Universities: Theory and empirics”
  • (con M. Faillo), “Relational Networks, CSR and the Sustainability of the Cooperation between the Firm and its Stakeholders: An Experimental Study”,
  •  “The Commons, Primary Goods, and Their Co-operative Democratic Governance”

2014, 18- 20 December, University of Rome - La Sapienza,  SIDE - ISLE 10th Annual Conference, paper presented (con M. Faillo): “The social contract in the Lab. An experimental analysis of the self-enforcing impartial agreements”


2015 , 29-30th of January, Pavia,  IUSS, Fondazione Feltrinelli  Lab EXPO, conference: Institutions and Social Innovation: a mutual feeding,  comments on  of the  theme of the third session “mutual feeding”.  

2015, 19-20 febbraio,  Roma, Senato della Repubblica - Palazzo Giustiniani, seminario internazionale “Riformabilità o irriformabilità del Capitalismo? La ricostruzione della sfera pubblica democratica nella crisi permanente” organizzato da Fondazione Basso e Fredrick Ebert Stiftung, relazione sul tema: “L'economia della partecipazione, la codeterminazione, la governance d'impresa”

2015, 22-24 April, First WINIR Symposium, Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Lugano, Switzerland, The Nature and Governance of the Corporation.  Paper presented , "Do not  believe that corporate governance must necessarily rest on inequality".

2015, May 22-23, University of Granada, Department of Philosophy, INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP, The Social Contract in Corporate and Economic Ethics (BENEB project) , paper presented (con G. Degli Antoni, M. Faillo e P. Francés)  “The Social Contract of the Firm and conceptions of justice: an experimental approach”.

2015, June 18 – 20, 201519th Annual Conference of The International Society for New Institutional Economics held at Harvard University - Cambridge, MA, USA. paper presented (with Virginia Cecchini Manara) “Abuse of Authority and Active Citizenship: an Endogenous Explanation”

2015, 10-12 settembre, Riva del Garda, IRIS Network, Workshop sull’impresa sociale  Tornare a Investore, Keynote speech: “Beni comuni e impresa sociale”.

2015 1-3 September, Copenhagen,  Copenhagen Business School, EBEN Research Conference, Philosphical Foundation of Business ethics. Presetations:

  • in the Special track The Social Contract Tradition as a Philosophical Foundation of Business Ethics, (con M. Fia,): “The Theory of The Firm, New Insights from Sen’s Capabilities Approach”,
  • "A rejoinder to Mansell’s Capitalism, Corporations and the Social Contract",
  • Session Social Contract, Science Justice & Business Ethics, paper presented (with Pedro Francés): “The Social Contract and Conceptions of Justice: Experimental evidence and implications for business”

2015 18-19, Napoli, Università di Napoli - Federico II,  SIDE - ISLE  - 11Th ANNUAL CONFERENCE; papers presented:

  • (with V. Cecchini Manara): “Ex Post Stability of Constitutions: an Endogenous Explanation”
  • (with M. Fia):  “A Model for the Governance of University”
  • Plenary session,  intervento alla  tavola rotonda:  “Analisi economica del diritto del lavoro: che valutazione sulla riforma del contratto di lavoro dipendente nel Jobs Act?”



intervento alla  Tavola rotonda : “Regole del licenziamento e mercato del lavoro/ Dismissal Regulation and Labour Market”

2016, Giovedì 25 Febbraio, Milano, Sala Falck di Assolombarda . Convegno di Sodalits, STRUMENTI DI BUSINESS ETHICS:LA PRIMA RICERCA EUROPEA SUL “WHISTLEBLOWING”.  Relazione: “Lo sviluppo della Business Ethics: principi, comportamenti e strumenti”.

2016  21 Marzo,  Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali, Università degli Studi di Pavia, Seminario Permanente di Teoria Politica ,  paper: (con M. Faillo) "Intentionality as a precondition for individual and collective responsibility."

2016, 4 to 6 April,  Norwich, NIBS (network for integrated behavioral science)  Conference 2016 at The Julian Study Centre, University of East Anglia. Paper presented (with  M. Faillo) “Intentionality as a precondition for individual and collective responsibility”.

2016, 15 -16 June, Aix -en- Provence,  France, 3rd International Conference Economic Philosophy, papers presented:

  • “Intentionality as a precondition for individual and collective responsibility” (con M. Faillo),
  •  “Institutions, Frames, and Social Contract Reasoning” (con V. Cecchini Manara)  

2016, 22 June, Torino, IREF & IEL Workshop in Law and Economics at Campus Luigi Einaudi, paper presented: “Distributive Justice with Production and the Social Contract. An Experimental Study”.

2016, 1-2 July, University of Bergamo, 4th BERGAMO-WHARTON JOINT CONFERENCE

The Social Responsibility of Business Revisited,  discussant of the first session: “Contracts and Hierarchies: Reclaiming the Moral Significance of the Firm as a Nexus of Contracts”.

2016, 2-5 September,  Boston MA, Third WINIR Conference, Seaport World Trade Center, Conference theme: Institutions and Human Behavior. Paper presented: “Distributive justice with production and the social contract. An experimental study”.

2016  8/9 September,  Italy – Palermo, University of Palermo, Eben Research Conference 2016, Key note speaker in the Plenary session:  “Ethical Behavior and Ethical Disclosure”.

2016,  20  September , München, Peter Löscher-Stiftungslehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsethik, TUM, Technische Universität München, Doctoral workshop on Business ethics,  Keynote lecture:  “ The social contract  of the firm, theory and experiments”.

2016, 11-12 November, Siena, Department of economics and statistics, workshop  FESSUD Finance Environment ad Sustainability, paper presented  “Can CSR be self-regulated? Reputation, conformity and the social contract”.

2016, December 16 -17, Torino,  Campus Luigi Einaudi, SIDE- ISLE  XII Annual Conference ,  papers presented:

  • “Academic Shared Governance and the Effects on Performance” (with  Magalì Fia,)
  • “Distributive Justice with Production and the Social Contract. An Experimental Study “(with Giacomo Degli Antoni)
  • “Ex Post Stability of Constitutions: an Endogenous Explanation”


2017 June 14 and 15 , Trento Summer School in Adaptive Economic Dynamics, XVIII edition (directed by Margaret Blair Anna Grandori , Nicolai Foss), “the New thinking of the firm”.

  • lecture: “The Multi-Stakeholder and  Multi-fiduciary model of CG and its Social Contract  Foundation”;
  • lecture: “The behavioral support of the social contract of the firm”.

2017, 26-27 June, Granada , BENEB workshop2, “Social norms in the lab”, paper presentation “On the meaning of an experimental research program on the social contract and the ex-ante and ex-post choice of principles of justice”

2017, 28 – 30 June, Wittenberg, Germany,  BEHAVIORAL ETHICS – A CASE FOR REFORMATION IN NORMATIVE BUSINESS ETHICS, Research conference on the occasion of the 500 years  Reformation Anniversary. Paper presentation:  “The normative relevance of behavioral and experimental ethics: the example of an experimental inquiry on distributive justice with production, and liberal egalitarianism (ex-ante and ex-post)”

2017, 4-5 December , Trento, EURICSE  international  workshop on “Co-operation as Coordination Mechanism”, paper presentation (with Ermanno Tortia) : “The formation of cooperative governance, an approach based on psychological games”.

2017, 15-16 December,  Annual SIDE-ISLE Conference, Roma,  Lumsa.

  • “dialog on the law & economics of labor law” (with Pietro Ichino)
  • paper presentation “Corporate governance and justice: new inside from Rawls Social contract and Sen’s capability approach” (with Magalì Fia).


2018, 8 Febbraio,  Milano, Casa della Cultura,  L'ETÀ DEI DIRITTI?DOPO TRENT'ANNI DI NEOLIBERALISMO, Terzo incontro: “Governo dell'impresa: iniziativa privata versus diritti degli stakeholders”. Relazioni di  Lorenzo Sacconi e Alberto Toffoletto.

2018, 25-26 Maggio, Trento, Iris Network,  XII colloquio scientifico sull’impresa sociale,  presentazione del paper:  “L’impatto della finanza a impatto sociale: uno studio sulla relazione tra strumenti finanziari, forme di governance e motivazioni” (con Marianna Baggio e Virginia Cecchini Manara)

2018,  4 Giugno, Roma (Sala Tempio di Adriano, Piazza Pietra), ASVIS, convegno  LE DISUGUAGLIANZE TRA I MONDI E NEI MONDI, presentazione della relazione:  “Il ruolo del lavoro nel governo d’impresa”.

2018,  20 Giugno, Roma , Etica e Economia  e Facoltà di economia,  Università  la Sapienza, International conference  “Against inequality: the space of pre-­distribution” , paper presentation: “Inequality and the governance of the firm”


He has published 136 scientific papers in international and national journals, book chapters and monographs - in addition to several working papers - including 10 books (as single author or as editor and co-author).

Personal bibliometric indicators:

H-Index in Google Scholar: 21, 1,910 citations.