Degree in education in 1972 at the Catholic University, Brescia.
Studied in Italy and in Germany (University of Marburg) and other countries (Canada, USA, etc.).
Deals with pedagogy and teaching, especially education for citizenship, European and intercultural dimension, training of teachers.

Academic career and teaching activities

- Senior Professor of Pedagogy at the Department of Lettere e Filosofia,

- Holder of a Chair J.Monnet “Education for Citizenship and European Integration" (2012-2015),

- Holder of a Course of General pedagogy at the Department of Lettere e Filosofia 1993 -2019,

- Holder of a Course of Pedagogy of Community at the Department of Sociology in the year 2014-2015,

- in the past holder of the Course General Didactic (1998-2007),

 - holder of the Course Jean Monnet: "Education and European Integration" since the academic year 1995-1996,

- in the past Holder of a Course 'Long life Education' at the Department of sociology (2005-2011), University of Trento,

- used to be teacher at different school levels until 1989,

- in the past teaching at the "Corso di specializzazione polivalente" of the Provincia Autonoma di Trento, for support teachers of pupils with special needs (1994-1996),

-in the past teaching for future nurses at the Facoltà di Medicina - Università di Verona, site of Trento (1998-2000),

-member of the Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia,

-member of the Doctorate school 'European Cultures' , and, previously at the Scuola di Dottorato in “Studi Umanistici. Discipline Filosofiche, Storiche” of the Università degli studi di Trento,

- examinator of doctorate final exams for several Italian Universities: Bergamo, Bolzano Bressanone, Padova, Udine,

- teaching mobility with some European Universities: Adana (TK), Baden Vienna (A), Bremen (D), Lisbon (PT), Prague (CZ), Coimbra (PT), Malatya (TK), Nuernberg (D), Riga (LT),

-helds lecturers in many countries (about 30): Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Kazakstan, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, Rumenia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Tzech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, USA) in the fields of teacher training, political education and European dimension.

Research interests

In my research I deal with various fields of study, particularly of two main areas:
- Fundamental issues of the pedagogical and didactic areas, with attention to the national and international debate. I follow topics such as: planning and evaluation, learning and education of reasoning, analysis of teaching, textbooks, prevention of school drop out, teacher training;

- inclusion  and diversity, non discrmination among man and women;
- Implications and issues related to education civic-political, the European dimension and intercultural education.

Research work

-Research stay at the University of Marburg (prof. Wolfgang Klafki), thanks to a  Grant from the DAAD, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - 1981,

-coordinator of a Comenius multilateral, ECLIPSE (2011-2014) European Citizenship Learning in a Programme for secondary Education with 6 European Partners (LLP - EACEA) ,

- responble of the Programme Tempus with the University Comenius - Bratislava, 1998,

- member of a PRIN (National Ministry) project, which have been the local coordinator, which concerns language mass media and the school (2000-2002),

- together with scholars representatives from different European countries, I conducted a survey for several years on the situation of the European dimension in European countries (led by the Institut für Europäische Politik, Bonn),

- coordinator in Italy for the project CLIL (Comenius) on the teaching of a foreign language as a lingua franca, in collaboration with the universities of Vienna, Innsbruck, Osnabrueck, Malmoe etc..

- member of the international project UDU (Universiatas in diversitate Unitas), University of Trento with the universities of Dresden, Timisoara, Eichstaett (2002-2004),

- coordinator of a search on the European dimension in the use of textbooks in history and civics (IPRASE of Trent University and School Superintendent provincial)  (1993-'97),

-coordinator of a project in Trentino on Motivation in the classroom (see. Text published by Didascalie, Trento),

- scientific responsible of the research project 'Valuring Talents at School and Initial training' (VASTT), with the Istituti comprensivi Cavedine, Dro and della Valle dei Laghi, 2000- 2012,

- responsible for Italy in international projects conducted in schools, particularly on the European dimension: 'The European community, in what does it concern me' (European Curriculum Network), 1983-1986; 'Living and working in Europa' (Institut fuer Europaeische Politik, Bonn) 1990-1992, "Twin Lessons on Europe (IPRASE of Trento) 2010-2011.

Memberships in societies and scientific committees

I'm member of several Associations in educational field, at local, National and international level: Aspei - Associazione PedagogicaItalina, AUSE Associazione Universitaria di Studi Europei, ECSA world, ACCADEMIA DEGLI AGIATI (Rovereto – Tn); - Alumni Deutscher Akademischer AustauschDienst (DAAD); - Comparative Education Society in Europe (C.E.S.E.) ; - Centro Italiano di Ricerca Pedagogica (CIRPED); - Societa' Italiana di Pedagogia (SIPED); - Unione Cattolica Italiana insegnanti Medi (UCIIM); GPJE Gesellschaft für Politikdidaktik und politische Jugend- und Erwachsenenbildung...

Awards and honours

Received grants by the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) di Bonn and by the Georg -Eckert -Institut fuer internationale Schulbuchforscuhung di Braunschweig (D).

Conferences and lectures

I attended seminars, working with various institutions (universities and research institutes: European Curriculum Network, Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung, Institut für Europäische Politik, the Council of Europe and other international research, NECE, CICE, TEPE).

 I lectured at national and international conferences on topics of civics, Europe, textbooks (Georg Eckert Institut fuer internationale Schulbuchforschung, Internationale Gesellschaft fuer historische und Systematische Schulbuchforschung), education of thought, evaluation.

I organized several international scientific meetings in Trento (especially at the University of Trento) on topics such as:

"The initial teacher training in Europe", March 1998;

"The future of learning was in mass media", October-December 1998;

"The combating early school leaving: measures taken in European countries ", October 1998;

"The European dimension in textbooks", in April and November 1993.

'For a European citizenship at school', 23 March 2012.

'Per una cittadinanza europea a scuola' , 23 marzo 2012 .

'European Citizenship Learning in a Programme for Secondary Education ' 12 marzo 2013..

'European Citizenship Learning in a Programme for Secondary Education' March 12, 2013 ..

J.Monnet- DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), 'Training social, ethical and economic' (9-13 December 2013).

I work in teachers in service training.

Other work

in charge of the Erasmus exchange programme between Trento and the Paedagogische Akademien Innsbruck, Baden (Niederoesterreich), the University Bremen, Hamburg, Nuernberg (Germany), the University of Riga (Latvia), the Universities Adana and Malatya (Turkey),

 used to be in charge for tutoring handicaped students at the former Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia (1999-2008).

coordinator of the Corso di Filosofia e linguaggi della modernità, Facoltà di Lettere e filosofia, University of Trento (2007-2008).

in charge of the initial teacher training of students in the Corso di laurea in filosofia.

former member of the Adminisration Council of the Opera Univeristaria (2004-2008).

- member of the Board for the Piani di Studio Provinciali PAT (Official school syllabus of the Provincia Autonoma Trento)- 2008- 2010.

- member of the DAAD board for the Mittner Price in pedagogy, 2011, 2018,

member of the Scientific Comitte of the 3rd International Congress of Early Childhood Education, Adana (TK) sept 2012,

member of the Scientific Comitte of the 3rd International Congress of Early Childhood Education, Adana (TK) sept 2012,

Coordinator of a project financed dy the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Trento Rovereto (2013-2015): Exchange of information among Experts for children with difficulties;

Evaluator CINECA for il MIUR e for some Universities.

Peer reviewer for Scientific Journals in pedagogy; member of the Scientific Comitte of the  ‘Journal of Social Science Education' e of the  Editor of the JSSE Journal Social Science Education (Bielefeld University), indexed in Scopus

Publishes articles on newspapers, especially on topics of education for citizenship.