Handbook of public communication of science and technology

Titolo Handbook of public communication of science and technology
Autore Bucchi Massimiano
Trench Brian
Editore Routledge
ISBN 9780203928240
Soggetto Informazione scientifica
Scienze Divulgazione
Tecnologia - Divulgazione
Disciplina Scienze naturali
Anno di pubblicazione 2008
Abstract Communication in science handbooks, manuals
Technical writing
Popular science books. Science journalism. Science museums and science centres. Cinematic science. Of deficits, deviations and dialogues: Theories of public communication of science. Health campaign research. Genetics and genomics: The politics and ethics of metaphorical framing. Survey research on public understanding of science. Scientists as public experts. Public relations in science: Managing the trust portfolio. Environmental action groups and other NGOs as communicators of science. Public participation and dialogue. Internet: Turning science communication inside-out?. Risk, science and public communication: Third-order thinking about scientific culture. Public communication of science and technology in developing countries. Communicating the social sciences. Evaluating public communication of science and technology.
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Abstract editore Comprehensive yet accessible, this key "Handbook" provides an up-to-date overview of the fast growing and increasingly important area of 'public communication of science and technology', from both research and practical perspectives. As well as introducing the main issues, arenas and professional perspectives involved, it presents the findings of earlier research and the conclusions previously drawn. Unlike most existing books on this topic, this unique volume couples an overview of the practical problems faced by practitioners with a thorough review of relevant literature and research.The practical handbook format ensures it is a student-friendly resource, but its breadth of scope and impressive contributors means that it is also ideal for practitioners and professionals working in the field.
Note Libro corso Facoltà di Sociologia Trento Segnatura CORSO 02921
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