Handbook of experimental phenomenology : visual perception of shape, space and appearance

Title Handbook of experimental phenomenology : visual perception of shape, space and appearance
Author Albertazzi Liliana
Publisher Wiley Blackwell
ISBN 9781119954682
Subject Percezione spaziale
Branch of learning Psicologia
Publishing year 2013
Index http://site.ebrary.com.ezp.biblio.unitn.it/lib/trento/detail.action?docID=10677735
Collection ProQuest Ebook Central (ex Ebrary)
Publisher homepage http://site.ebrary.com.ezp.biblio.unitn.it/lib/trento/home.action
Publisher abstract While the scientific study of vision is well-advanced, a universal theory of qualitative visual appearances (texture, shape, colour and so on) is still lacking. This interdisciplinary handbook presents the work of leading researchers around the world who have taken up the challenge of defining and formalizing the field of ‘experimental phenomenology.
Presents and discusses a new perspective in vision science, and formalizes a field of study that will become increasingly significant to researchers in visual science and beyond The contributors are outstanding scholars in their fields with impeccable academic credentials, including Jan J. Koenderink, Irving Biederman, Donald Hoffmann, Steven Zucker and Nikos Logothetis Divided into five parts: Linking Psychophysics and Qualities; Qualities in Space, Time and Motion; Appearances; Measurement and Qualities; Science and Aesthetics of Appearances Each chapter will have the same structure consisting of: topic overview; historical roots; debate; new perspective; methods; results and recent developments
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